Calcumania Rarities and Curiosities from the 70ies
Hello all, My name is Thomas and I have been collecting old pocket calculators from the 70s for well over 30 years, especially those with green, red or orange luminous displays - but also the very early LCDs. Over the years, I have built up an impressive collection, which I now want to slim down for reasons of limited space. The basic idea is that I want to fill gaps in my collection and offer several of my calculators in exchange for a rare one. Which - and how many - will of course depend on the rarity of the calculator on offer and your wishes to swap. I am only interested in exchanges, so I will not buy or sell anything on this way! So if you have a calculator that you think might be interesting for me, I would be glad to receive an email (preferably with a photo and a description of its condition). If you are particularly interested in certain calculators in exchange, please inform me as well! If your calculator is interesting for me, I will make you a decent offer! Translated with (free version)